13th Warrior

Th-ink-king  thou-oughts  c-re-a-te-s  y-0ur  re-all-T.

Ma-ke  the-M  C-uno-T.

13e-YOU-T-ful  minds/May-an-s  uni-Te/un-tie!

H-EARS-T-s  con-spy-Her/spied Her/spi-Der…

Key-pe  the  in-tent  p-u-re.

13EE  the  sol-YOU-t-ion.

13  ur-in-tent.


~Ayla Rae


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My Name Which Shall Not Be Given

I realized the name has been with me for a long time.

The day I met my soulmate,  June 6, 2010,  I told him I was changing my name to Ayla.  Alya from the Earth’s Children series has been one of the best if not the best fictional character and role model heroine to show me the allegories (deeper spiritual meanings) of my own life.  I read the first four books in the series when I was around 11 or 12.  (The 5th and 6th weren’t yet written, in the phi-cycle.)  Rae may have come to me before, and I seem to recall that it did… but not with such clarity as this time…

“Ayla Rae, Ayla Rae, that’s your name. Yes you!”,  the voice in my h-EAR-t kept repeating.

I asked for confirmation, if I was understanding correctly.

Then I checked the numbers on the name:

Ayla Rae
The Heart’s Desire # is 15/6, (magic #15/6, service to others)
The Personality # is 12/3 (creativity)
The Expression # is 27/9 (same as my Life Path #, Oct. 2, 1986)

The day this came to me was September 3, 2013
9th month + 3rd day + (2+0+1+3=6)

When I checked the time it was precisely 1:36am.
3 and 6 equals 9.
Plus earlier that day I remember very clearly seeing the number 99 which reduces to another 9.  More nines.
Then just for fun I counted the number of nines on the page.
Of course there were 9 of them.
I looked at the page it was mostly 3’s, 6’s and especially 9’s.
Nine, the number of creation and cycles finishing and my LP#.
I am in the 9th year of my nine year cycle right now.

I have also been seeing the number 27 everywhere the past few days.
I am turning 27 this year in… go figure – 27 days.  Wow.  You can’t make this stuff up! Beautiful.

As if that wasn’t confirmation enough, I was reading up (again) on the meanings for the name Ayla. One of the first ones that generally comes up is that it means “Oak Tree” in Hebrew.  Around that same time a previously unknown friend, Peter, “liked” one of my comments about the heart on FB and friend requested me to recommend his page on FB which goes into my questions on Heart Math in greater depth. We had a brief exchange about synchronicity and he wrote:

“There is NOTHING that happens, that is’nt MEANT to happen.
Although, those pesky ‘elites’ (ha!) have been trying to ‘Prevent the Acorn, from becoming an Oak tree’.

This was RIGHT after I had just read about the name Ayla meaning “Oak Tree” in Hebrew.                                                                                            Hebrew “Elah” also means “pistachio tree” or “terebinth tree”                                                                                                One recoded Hebrew meaning is “goddess”.
And another meaning for Ayla in Hebrew is “dear” or “gazelle”.

In Turkish, “Ay” means “moon” and Ayla means the “halo of light around the moon”
or also “moonlight” or “halo” in general.
Also in Turkish it can mean “with the moon” where “la” is used for “lie” which means “with”.

The feminine Arabic meaning of Alya is “sublime” or “large”.

And of course in English literature Ayla is my beloved Cro-Magnon heroine of Jean M Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear who’s archetypes are healer, shaman, divine feminine, hunter, mother and earth goddess.  She was also the one who was regarded by others as strange and different. Another black swan as it were.

Rae is a diminutive of Rachel:  Ewe.  Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament.
(I’m not too familiar with their story but I’ll be looking into it.)

Rae in Chinese means “lovely, graceful, little protector”

Then was have a “Rae” of Light.

As for my last name “Mulligan”, combined with Ayla Rae the Expression number is a 62/8.  However, if I add an “a” onto the end of Mulligan it becomes “Mulligana” and the

Expression # changes to 63/9 where the
Heart’s Desire # is 29/11/2 and the
Personality # is 34/7

Also, Mulligana reminds me of the name “Morgana”, another powerful heroine in my life.
When I rearranged the letters in “Mulligana”, I got
which made me think “I am all GN-all-edge.”
Gnostic, Knowledge, Knowing…

I’ve always loved the name “Ana” too.
The sign-chron-i-cities abound.  Be-you-ti-ful.

This was the name that was shown to me and shall not be given away.

Feeling so much gratitude.  Love you all.

~Ayla Rae


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Plotinus, 3rd century A.D.:

“Who are we anyhow? Perhaps we were there already before this creation came into existence, human beings of another type, or even some sort of gods, pure souls and mind united with the whole universe, parts of intelligible world, not separated and cut off, but at one with the whole.”

~ J.S. Williams

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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  ~ C.G. Jung

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A Singular Moment

At about 6:30 this morning I saw a momma robin with her two babies pull from the earth a big juicy earthworm and shake it around and pick at it, teaching her little ones how to hunt. The babies watched and participated in pecking at it for a couple of minutes until one of them gobbled the wriggling tasty morsel down it’s gullet. Then momma, fulfilling her role in an exemplary manner, deftly plucked up another worm and the process of pecking and flinging was repeated so the second chick could practice honing these life essential survival skills and meet it’s daily protein requirements. Growing babies need to eat! Watching from my window I was touched by this simple act of unconditional love and tenderness between a mother and her offspring which appears to know no boundaries across the multitude of species and races which inhabit our fair blue planet.

Then I placed myself in the perspective of the earth worms, doing as earth worms do – no doubt enjoying the coolness and moisture of the moment.. and then suddenly pinched from the earth, flung into the air and pierced by savage beaks for what must have been the longest two minutes of their short lives as they writhed and twisted, struggling for freedom. Alas, their efforts in vain. This moment for them was likely one filled with chaos and a primal fear and stood out in stark contrast to the moment of tenderness and unconditional love shared by the young robin family.

Perspective truly is everything. Duality is the illusion of seeing one side of the coin only. It is an illusion because it will only ever show you half of the picture. Singularity is the ability to see both sides on the coin in the same moment.

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Awake in a Silver Land

Awake in a Silver Land

“All nature around you is all built by this amazing complexity to support your experience. Everything is like singing your prayers”

Art by Cameron Grey

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From Walter Russell…

“Meditation is the key that will open the door to your inner Self wherein lies all the true power for material manifestation for as sound springs from the silences so does positive action come from inner KNOWING.

It has been said that one must lose one’s life to find it. Applied to meditation it means that one must lose (forget) one’s mortal body in order to become aware of one’s immortality.

That is exactly what happens when we seek the Light of Self illumination in our eternal Selves. The great glory of existance is reached only by Mind awareness. You can only reach supreme heights that way.

In that ecstatic existance is the seed and Source of all power and all knowledge which is yours by just desiring it.”

Walter Russell

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